Top 6 Artists That Made A Breakthrough In 2020

Top 6 Artists That Made A Breakthrough In 2020

Music makes our world go round so we decided to go around the world and bring you the name of the best musicians that made a breakthrough in 2020.

In all these years, we have seen so many singers and artists from around the globe make a name for themselves and give us a breakthrough performance. Whether you’re listening to Beyoncé or Lade Gaga, they have incredible singles to add to your playlist.

As we are all confined to our homes, the least we can do is help you out and give you a list of some of the best latest artists that you need to stream right away.

Entertainment is something that we can never get sick of. So why don’t you break borders online, listen to some of the latest songs and add some new hits to your playlist.

Top 6 Artists That Made A Breakthrough In 2020

So, without further ado let’s take a look at these incredible artists down below,

1. Polo and Pan

The dynamic duo, Polo and Pan made their breakthrough with an incredibly lush and exotic music album that you need to tune into right away. They initially came to surface with their rock star performance in Latin America’s Parisian club Le Baron meanwhile turning head with their Caravelle album in the South of France.

Moreover, they have also come up with several electronic singles in the last one year and are working on something equally impeccable that we just cannot wait to listen.


Born in Yorkshire, Dominic Harrison reinvented himself as YUNGBLUD and made an impact on the people back in 2017. He made headlines that year when his single, King Charles drew a lot of attention and appreciation from the masses.

Later on, the very talented singer got incredible collaborations with Halsey and Travis Barker which later led him to achieve an Australian award. His latest upcoming albums have already been sold out completely and we can. Dominic Harrison has some records to break and we cannot wait for him to make his mark.

3. Nija Charles

The past summer, Nija Charles is one of the black musicians that spoke up against the racism going on in the industry and made her mark. in one of her interviews, she talked about how because she was black, people from the industry would automatically consider her to sing R&B and HipHop but she didn’t wanna follow the steretypes.

She wrote several songs in Ariana’s latest album and was the co-author of the hit song, Positions. She is still in her 20s and is making heads turn at a very young age.

4. Billie Eilish

We know this isn’t a name unknown to anybody but we have to mention, Billie Eilish is among the biggest and most promising stars of 2020.

She came to the known in 2019 with her two topnotch debut albums and made her mark as the youngest singer who scored 2 billion hits and reached number one in UK at the same time. The girl has got some talent.

Her single for No Time To Die is also one of the leading singles of last year. She is the winner of two Guinness World Records, five Grammy awards, two American Movie Awards and three MTV Video Movie Awards.

5. Camila Cabello

You must have known Camila when she first rose to fame being the member of Fifth Harmony. But later on, she started collaborating with other singers and established herself as a solo artist soon after. Her collabs included a single with Shawn Mendes and Machine Gun Kelly.

Later, her single album, Camilla became a chartbuster. She has won several awards over the course of her career and is one of the most promising talents of all time.

6. Tayla Parx

Between the US elections and the pandemic, Tayla Parx came forward with her incredible music production skills and captured the moment in the most historic way possible.

You can hear how she craves originality. it’s visible in her music. Tayla has an art of infusing vibrant memory with pop. At a very young age, she has made her mark and has shown what it’s like to be a talented artist in the time of great uncertainty.

Why these artists?

When it comes to finding music that touches our heart, you aren’t going to find something worth listening. There is just so much mayhem and loudness in the songs these days that it gets hard listening to something that is full of variety and hits all your vocal chords.

The singers we mentioned above have debuted and made their name by tapping into the unknown. They have produced some very incredible music that nobody thought was imagining coming up with. Whether its Billie Eilish or Camilla Cabello, their music speaks for itself and so do their write-ups.

Where Billie produces music that will hit your nerves and is soothing to the core, Camilla has some incredible dance numbers you won’t be able resist dancing to. Nija Charles is another one of the most impeccable musicians of all time. Someone who started out as a small artist became an award-winning singer.

Tayla Parx is just as commendable as the rest of the singers we have mentioned. She made her breakthrough while capturing moments like the singers used to do back in the 50s.

So, if you love listening to something outside the box, you’re going to be in love with what these artists have to offer.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for sticking around long enough to read the end of this article. We hope the article was good enough for your taste and you found some incredible new artists that you would be willing to listen to. We hope were able to share insight onto some of the best artists of all time.

If there are any other singers you have been listening to lately, do let us know through your feedback below. Also, don’t forget to stream our latest episodes, we have loads and loads of entertainment dosage coming for you.

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